Father Christopher Bisett is an ordained Roman Catholic Priest, and a former member of the Conventual Franciscan Order. In 2000, he left active ministry in the institutional Roman Church, as well as departing from community life as a solemnly professed friar. Why did he leave? Simple…celibacy was not a gift that was given to him by the Lord. Despite his best efforts, the advice of confreres and friends, long hours of prayer and counseling, the loneliness he experienced remained persistent and overwhelming. Father Christopher could no longer live or minister as a celibate religious priest. For the good of all, most especially his own soul, he left his religious community. However, his life as a religious priest has been shaped by the Franciscan charism. The wisdom and example of the men and women who have followed in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi have challenged and formed his spirituality and pastoral ministry. Although he is no longer a friar, he remains a Franciscan.

Most of Father Christopher’s ministry has involved Catholic education. He has served as a theology teacher in various college preparatory schools on both coasts. Most of his campus activity involved ministry to the student/faculty community, as well as serving as department chair of Theology. Father Christopher has also been a professor of Theology and Psychology for a Catholic college seminary, as well as senior advisor to undergraduates.

In addition to education, Father Christopher has been a retreat master, a writer and lecturer on Franciscan and Presbyteral spirituality, and a hospital chaplain. Of course, many years were also spent in ministry in parishes, mostly in California and Nevada.

Today, Father Christopher is blessed with a beautiful family—Brenda, Alison and Adam's son Xavier—living in a wonderful historic city in the Maryland countryside. He is also involved in an exciting career in government service in Washington, D.C., while also teaching theology at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. 

Now, the call of the Lord, through the prophetic voice of CITI Ministries, has brought Father Christopher to resume his ministry as a Catholic Priest—assisting those whom the Institutional Church has forgotten or failed to serve. This is a ministry of healing, compassion, mercy, and charity…leading to the salvation of every person whom God has created in the image and likeness of His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Contact me:

1113 Dargon Quarry Lane
Brunswick, MD 21716
Phone: (301) 788-2804


My family: Brenda--my better half--Adam and Alison.
My first born grandson, Xavier.